Message From the Jacks Family

Message From the Jacks Family

On behalf of the family of the late Agnes and Sam Jacks, we would like to welcome everyone to North Bay, the birthplace of Ringette.

Created in 1963 by Sam Jacks, who was at the time the director of Parks and Recreation for the city of North Bay, he saw a need for a girl’s winter sport. With his untimely death in 1975, his wife Agnes took on the role as Ambassador for the game of Ringette. Agnes devoted much of her time to promoting the sport of Ringette in Canada and around the world. She believed in fair play and teamwork. Her vision was for a game that encouraged teams to work together, building friendships and instilling a sense of confidence in the players as they learn to win and lose together. Agnes considered the Ringette community to be like a family and often referred to them as her “Ringette family”. Agnes was awarded the Order of Canada for her contribution to the sport in 2002. She was an avid supporter of the game up until her passing in 2005.

Both Sam and Agnes have been inducted into the North Bay Sports Hall of Fame. Sam was inducted into the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame in 2007, and most recently the sport of Ringette was recognized by Canada Post with the release of a Ringette stamp, a fitting tribute as Sam was an avid stamp collector.

It is our hope that as you enjoy the game. Your experience with Ringette is one of friendship, teamwork and fair play. This is the vision of Ringette.

The Jacks family