We’re so glad you came!
Volunteers carry out 100% of WFRA activities, making them an integral part of its success. We encourage everyone to volunteer, and we truly enjoy seeing family members come out and get involved. There are several ways to get involved that vary in time commitment and qualifications.
Select the volunteer task(s) that interest you. Once we have a roster of volunteers, we will be able to reach out to you with a choice of times to help out. For example, volunteers signing up as a Fundraising Event Volunteer will be provided with the choice of several events to participate in!

My oldest daughter started playing ringette in 2008 and immediately loved it. So, in 2009, I decided that I needed to start giving back to the sport she loved so much. Since then I’ve done almost every volunteer job the WFRA has. Some have been an absolute blast. Some haven’t. But what volunteering has helped me do is to shape ringette in North Bay and to help ensure the sport that my daughters love continues to grow long after my volunteer days are over.
– Kelli Van Buskirk

Volunteering with the WFRA has given me a creative outlet that gives back! Not only do I get to practice my IT skills, but I also receive a wonderful sense of satisfaction knowing my efforts make such a difference for the Association. Win win!
– Lori King