Saturday Oct 16 08:00 U12 Rep WF 15:00 U16 Rep PPD
Please complete the COVID 19 Attestation, bring proof of vaccinations, and have fun!

Ringette Ontario High-Performance AAA Selection Camp This Weekend In Waterloo

Posted October 15, 2021
‘The Ringette Ontario High-Performance AAA Program is a competitive program that provides players with exposure to high level development opportunities as well as the best high-performance coaching in Ontario. The HP AAA Program allows Ringette Ontario selected coaches, including the Team Ontario bench staff, to identify and develop Ontario’s most gifted young ringette players, to encourage and motivate them to play for their province and to provide them with the opportunities to measure and refine their skills at the top-level competitions.’
Click here for more information regarding the high-performance program.

WFRA has several athletes registered with the program, and we would like to wish them best of luck this weekend!

Rep Try Outs This Weekend

Posted September 22, 2021
Are you interested in taking your game to the next level?
The WFRA Association is pleased to bring back our competitive program for this season.
The WFRA has appointed the following head coaches:
U12 – Marc Desroches
U19A – Richard Michauville
18+A – Denis Sevigny
We are still accepting applicants for U14 and U16. If you are interested in coaching a team, please complete the following application form.
All Ringette Ontario sanctioned events are set to begin in January 2022. This means official tournaments arranged by Ringette Ontario.
The fall is considered the preparation phase, where teams can begin to condition and practice together, including having exhibition games and festivals with other teams as per Public Health Unit and Ringette Ontario guidelines.
WFRA has booked ice times in the month of September and October where players who are interested in playing competitively this season can attend and learn more about what it is all about.
The cost for each ice time is $10 per player payable in cash when you arrive.
Players/coaches/volunteers must complete the Covid 19 daily attestation form prior to entering the arena.
Here are the ice times for those interested in playing on a rep team;
U12 – Thursday September 23 @ 6:15 – Pete Palangio Arena
U12 – Saturday September 25 @ 1:00 – Pete Palangio Arena
U14 – Saturday September 18 @ 1:00 – Pete Palangio Arena
U14 – Saturday September 25 @ 2:00 – Pete Palangio Arena
U16 – Saturday September 18 @ 2:00 – Pete Palangio Arena
U16 – Saturday September 25 @ 3:00 – Pete Palangio Arena
U19A – Saturday October 2@ 2:00 – Pete Palangio Arena
18+ A – Saturday October 3 @ 4:00 – West Ferris Arena
Please contact us if you have any questions.
Thank you,

House League Coaches Needed!

Posted September 22, 2021
Hi West Ferris Ringette Association Members!
The 2021-2022 house league season is on it’s way and the West Ferris Ringette Association is looking for interested members in becoming a head coach, assistant coach, on ice instructor or would like to assist with managing a house league team. The association relies on volunteers and coaches for a successful season.
If you are interested in helping out with the 2021-2022 house league season please complete this form.
If you are interested in coaching but would like more information, please contact us here.
House League coaches are required to complete the below throughout the season:

  • Completed the Coach Initiation in Sport Online Module
  • Making Headway eLearning Module
  • Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders
  • Sign the Bench Staff Code of Conduct
  • A recent Vulnerable Sectors Check within the last three years. (if you do not have a current one a link will be provided to you for one to be completed by Sterling Back Check)

On Ice Assistants are required to complete the below throughout the season:

  • Coach Initiation in Sport Online Module
  • Making Head Way eLearning Module
  • A recent Vulnerable Sectors Check within the last three years. (if you do not have a current one a link will be provided to you for one to be completed by Sterling Back Check)

All required courses are completed online and all cost associated with the courses will be reimbursed by the West Ferris Ringette Association.
Here are links to the Ringette Ontario requirements and qualifications needed:
House League Coach Requirements
On Ice Assistant Requirements
If you are under 18 and are interested in assisting with House League please let me know and I will help you find a team to help coach this year.
Thank you,
Meaghan Spykerman
West Ferris Technical Director

WFRA Player Movement Requests

Posted September 10, 2021
Players registered with WFRA must make the request, be evaluated and approved to play in a division above or below their age group. As per the WFRA House League Policy, players and coaches can make the request and the process of player movement will be followed accordingly. There are many factors that are considered when assessing player movement including (but not limited to); age, experience, division combinations, skill level, and impact the movement will have on the milieu. Players must attend and be evaluated in the division that corresponds with their age.
We understand that there may be some confusion with the process of player movement, based some of the player movements that did occur last season, which was when we were operating under “exceptional circumstances” due to the Covid 19 restrictions and the return to play guidelines.
Please be aware that there may be divisions that are combined which may limit player movement opportunities for some players. Answers and approvals will be completed by the end of September. Please be patient while we work through all the of the requests.
Please complete the player movement request form by September 20th and include any questions or comments within that.